Sunday, 29 November 2015, 2 – 6pm

Enter / Exit – Film program and lecture by Steven Cairns (curator, ICA, London)

Program 1 (2–3.30 pm)

Rosa Aiello, Serving, 2015, HD Video, 9:48 Min.

Ed Atkins, Material Witness (or A Liquid Cop), 2012, SD Video, 13 Min.

Will Benedict und David Leonard, Toilets Not Temples, 2014, HD Video, 25 Min.

David Douard, Chin In This’ere, 2014, HD Video, 4:25 Min.

Cécile B. Evans, Hyperlinks, or It Didn’t Happen, 2014, HD Video, 22 Min.

Josh Kline, Crying Games, 2015, HD Video, 13 Min.

(Gesamt: 87 Min.)


Lecture (3.40–4 pm)

Steven Cairns


Program 2 (4–5.30 pm)

Ken Okiishi, Harry from the Midlands, Breathing, 2015, HD Video, 3:52 Min.

Renaud Jerez, Hypnose Drama, 2013, HD Video, 4:50 Min.

Stewart Uoo, Confessions (9 women), 2012, HD Video, 6:52 Min.

Neïl Beloufa, World Domination, 2012, HD Video, 27 Min.

Yuri Pattison, 1014, HD Video, 10:22 Min.

Hito Steyerl, Liquidity Inc., 2014, HD Video, 30 Min.

Martine Syms, Untitled (L'Inventaire), HD Video, 3 Min.

(Gesamt: 86 Min.)


ENTER EXIT takes the idea of the threshold as a route to navigate the works included in the programe. The doorway can be either an entrance or exit, but can it be both simultaneously? With this in mind many of the works featured suggest portals that shift in meaning: between the past and the present, the present and the future, and between fact and fiction. Unlike the sister film program ‚No Way Out’ at Kino Rex Bern, which connects our social and political present with science fiction films made over the past 50 years, ENTER EXIT draws parallels to both literary and surrealist histories in a series of recent moving image works that signal soft science fiction as a touchstone.